About Us


The Proanox team is a fusion of Silicon Valley executives and industry experts with unique backgrounds and experiences. The team shares one key goal: help people improve their overall health and financial success.

Proanox’s flagship product, BioGenesis, has improved the health and wellness of thousands of people worldwide over the past four years. Carefully formulated based on academic scientific research, Proanox’s products compensate for the lack of phytonutrients in our diet as a result of our daily activities. BioGenesis is a testimonial to Proanox’s core commitment to produce exceptional, science-based products and services that positively impact the world.

The Proanox team is dedicated to sharing their industry experience to help others achieve financial success and better overall health. Proanox brings you the high-tech tools and support staff you need to start and nurture your business.

Join the Proanox team to realize a healthier, wealthier you, through a great product and a world-class business opportunity.

Our Team

Marc Schenkel

CEO & President

Shortly after obtaining his business degree from The University of Arizona, Marc Schenkel began pursuing his entrepreneurial quests. He quickly determined that the road to wealth was through impeccable timing.

Todd Mosher

Chief Operations Officer

With a varied skill set and a long history of entrepreneurial success, Todd Mosher was the ideal candidate to help bring the vision of Proanox into reality. Todd developed a relationship with Proanox CEO Marc Schenkel .

Mike Colagiovanni

Chief Financial Officer

Handling the financial matters of a company is a big role, and one that Mike Colagiovanni handles with ease. With over 25 years of public accounting experience, Mike’s knowledge of numbers is second to none.

Big Joe Stout

Director of Media & Training

A life-long entrepreneur, Big Joe Stout found himself reunited with Proanox CEO Marc Schenkel by unique circumstance in 2016. The two had met in the late ’90s when Big Joe was a corporate trainer for telecom giant Excel Communications.

Cindy Hansen

Director of Customer Success

Sitting at her desk when working for software giant Adobe, Cindy Hansen saw a familiar number pop up on her phone. And when she answered, the familiar voice said, “I have another great opportunity for you.”