The Science of BioGenesis

Proanox has developed a product that compensates for the lack of nutrients created by poor diet, aging, reduced nutrients from fruits and vegetables, and GMO farming. BioGenesis’ cutting-edge science extracts the most important phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables to bring you a concentrated serving of the nutrients that are most essential for adult health. The anti-inflammatory product is an antioxidant powerhouse, increasing your energy, endurance, and exercise tolerance with improved cardiac health and overall wellness.


RICK BARRY / 50 Greatest Players NBA Watch Video

"After taking BioGenesis for a couple of weeks I was able to stop using my prescription medication - now my knee feels as great as it did when I was taking the drug - which is awesome!"

SHELLEY OLDS / Professional Cyclist 2012 Olympian Watch Video

“BioGenesis is a clean sport certified product that I have been using for several years as a professional athlete. Since starting with BioGenesis I have maintained better overall health and have seen improvements in my ability to train longer and harder.”

TONY AZEVEDO / 5 time Olympian, Water polo Watch Video

“I’ve been taking BioGenesis consistently since the London Olympics in 2012. I have less sick days, more energy, more endurance and experience better recovery.”

DANIELLE MARTIN / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion Watch Video

“I’ve been taking BioGenesis consistently since the London Olympics in 2012. I have less sick days, more energy, more endurance and experience better recovery.”

ANNE WARNER CRIBBS / Olympic Gold Medalist - 4 x 100m medley relay Watch Video

"Over the years of training and competing, I developed osteoarthritis in my hands, feet, knees and fingers. The pain was constant, and often severe…then my fellow athletes convinced me to try BioGenesis. I've been taking this life-changing supplement for 8 months and I no longer live with chronic arthritis pain! I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone..."

PETE KAIN / 8 time Age Group National Triathlon Champion Watch Video

“I’m over the age of 50, so I accepted having normal aches and pains, I would get lower back pain from training and would constantly have to take Advil. After using BioGenesis on a consistent basis I no longer had any pain! I have more energy, endurance, my recovery time is better and I’m no longer taking any sick days! If I don’t take BioGenesis for a few days at a time, the aches and pains start to come back. I recommend BioGenesis because it works, it’s natural and safe! ”

CAT ZINGANO / UFC Fighter, 9-2 Watch Video

"Rise and grind! A healthy outside starts from the inside. One way I know I'm doing everything I can to balance myself physiologically is to take the proper nutrition and supplements for me. Vitamins are necessary these days. The depletion of nutrients in our food make it so we need supplementation, so along with MANY of my professional athlete colleagues, the one I choose is Biogenesis."

Dr. TERRY SCHROEDER / 2008, 2012 Head Coach USA Water Polo & Chiropractor Watch Video

“With enthusiasm, I would highly recommend Biogenesis for any athlete who wants to up his/her game. As coach of the 2008 and 2012 USA Olympic Water Polo team, I personally witnessed positive changes in many of our Olympic athletes as they prepared themselves for the Olympic Games. Water Polo is extremely demanding and once we went into full time training (6 months prior to the Games) we were training 6 hours a day 6 days a week. The athletes recovered faster with less soreness and reported feeling “energized”. I am sure that this is due to the increase in healthy mitochondria that Biogenesis stimulates. Knowing the product complies with all anti- doping regulations is also a huge plus. Whether you are an Olympic athlete or a weekend warrior you need to try this product. I am confident that you will feel the difference!”

CUNG LE / Actor, MMA Athlete Watch Video

"I recommend BioGenesis to all my fans around the world. It's so rare that you find a clean product that not only gives you long term strength and endurance gains but also leaves you ready to hit the gym harder the next day with no muscle soreness. You guys need to get on this stuff!"