Rick Barry

50 Greatest Players in NBA

"After taking BioGenesis for a couple of weeks I was able to stop using my prescription medication - now my knee feels as great as it did when I was taking the drug - which is awesome!"

  • Only player ever to lead the NCAA, ABA and NBA in scoring
  • Naismith memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (1987)
  • NBA champion (1975)
  • NBA Final MVP (1975)
  • ABA Champion (1969)
  • 8x NBA All-star (1966, 1967, 1973-1978)
  • NBA All-Star Game MVP (1967)
  • 5x All-NBA First Team (1966, 1967, 1974-1976)
  • All-NBA Second Team(1973)
  • 4x ABA All-Star (1969-1972)

Merrill Moses

39, Olympian, Water polo Goalkeeper

"My aches and pains are gone, I recover faster and don’t need ibuprofen anymore. My energy level is like it was in my 20's"

  • 3-Time Olympian (2008, 2012, 2016)
  • Silver Medalist - Beijing 2008
  • Oldest Water Polo Player in the 2016 Rio Games
  • 2016 FINA World League Super Final, Silver
  • 2015 Pan American Games, Gold
  • 2014 FINA World Cup, 4th


Professional Cyclist & 2012 Olympian

“BioGenesis is a clean sport certified product that I have been using for several years as a professional athlete. Since starting with BioGenesis I have maintained better overall health and have seen improvements in my ability to train longer and harder.”

  • 1st Place: 2015 Madrid Challenge (Vuelta Espana)
  • 1st Place: 2010 Pan American Road Race Championships
  • 1st Place: 2012 China World Cup
  • 1st Place: 2012 Giro d’ Italia Stage 4
  • 2nd Place: 2016 GC Tour Down Under (Australia)
  • 2nd Place: 2015 GC Tour of Norway
  • 6th Place: 2016 Holland World Tour Event (Ronde Van Drenthe)
  • 6th Place: 2014 UCI World Championships Ponferrada, Spain
  • 7th Place: 2012 London Olympic Games Road Race
  • 2010 + 2011 National Criterium Champion
  • 2018 + 2009 National Scratch Race Champion (Track)

Tony Azevedo

34, Olympic, Water Polo Player

“I’ve been taking BioGenesis consistently since the London Olympics in 2012. I have less sick days, more energy, more endurance and experience better recovery.”

  • 5-Time Olympian (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016)
  • Silver Medalist - Beijing 2008
  • Captain of US National Team
  • 4-time Pete Cutino Award Winner
  • Awarded Pac 12 Water Polo Player of the Century 2015
  • Named 7th best Athlete in the World by Men's Journal
  • All time leading scorer at World Championships
  • First player to win 5 Pan American Games Gold Medals

Anne Warner Cribbs

Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming Palo Alto, CA

"Over the years of training and competing, I developed osteoarthritis in my hands, feet, knees and fingers. The pain was constant, and often severe…then my fellow athletes convinced me to try BioGenesis. I've been taking this life-changing supplement for 8 months and I no longer live with chronic arthritis pain! I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone..."

  • Olympic Gold Medalist - 4 x 100m medley relay
  • Pan American Games Gold Medal - 200m Breaststroke
  • San Jose and Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame
  • USOC Torch Award 2015
  • President of Bay Area Senior Games Association
  • Chair of the California Senior Games Association
  • CEO of the Bay Area Sports Organizing Committe
  • Internation Swimming Hall of Fame Gold Medalion Award

Cung Le

MMA Athlete, Actor
  • Age: 43
  • Sacramento, CA

"I recommend BioGenesis to all my fans around the world. It's so rare that you find a clean product that not only gives you long term strength and endurance gains but also leaves you ready to hit the gym harder the next day with no muscle soreness. You guys need to get on this stuff!"

  • Using BioGenesis Since 2015.
  • Problem before using BioGenesis: Endurance


UFC Fighter, 9-2 (San Diego, CA)

"Rise and grind! A healthy outside starts from the inside. One way I know I'm doing everything I can to balance myself is to have proper nutrition and supplements are criticle for me. The depletion of nutrients in our food make it so we need supplementation, so along with MANY of my professional athlete colleagues, the one I choose is Biogenesis."

  • 1st woman to win a UFC fight by technical knockout
  • 1st woman to win a UFC "Fight of the Night" award
  • Abu Dhabi ADCC Competition Qualifier
  • BJJ Mundials World Champion - LA
  • BJJ Rio de Janeiro State Champion - Brazil
  • 2-time All-American Wrestler
  • 2-time Wrestling National Champion

Danielle Martin

World, Pan American and National Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,
Surfer and Mom


Elite Distance Runner & Slalom Water Skier
  • Los Gatos, CA
  • Age: 42
  • Been taking Biogenesis for 12 months

“I’m the healthiest, leanest and fittest I’ve been in my life right now. I train hard, recover fast and have endless amounts of energy to burn day after day. Some people say they get exhausted just watching me and ask what I’m taking? BioGenesis is the answer. I started taking BioGenesis to help with a running injury and I couldn’t believe it fixed my gut in flammation I had been struggling with for years - amazing!”


    Elite Obstacle Course Racer, CrossFit Athlete
    • Age: 37
    • Auburn, CA

    "I train two, sometimes three days a week for obstacle course races and occasional CrossFit competitions. After a couple weeks I noticed that my energy level was noticeably higher and I could maintain a faster pace running for longer periods of time and soreness is no longer an issue for me. My recovery times amazing and allows me to get the most out of every training session and race. I absolutely love BioGenesis!"

    • Elite Spartan and Battlefrog OCR Athlete
    • 5 Podium Finishes
    • 2nd Year Spartan World Championship Coin Holder
    • Human Octane Pro Team

    Vince Anderson

    Alpinist, Ice Climber, Mountain Guide and Mountain Cyclist Grand Junction, Colorado

    • AMGA-IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide - 1998
    • American Mountain Guide Association Presidents Award - 2005
    • Pakistani Director-General of Sport, Olympic Award - 2005
    • Piolet d'Or (Golden Ice Axe) - 2006
    • World Cup Ice Climbing Championship 2002 - 6th
    • Winner Breck Epic Mountain Bike Race-2011

    Dave Gold

    Pro Soccer Player & Coach
    • Age: 60
    • San Jose, CA

    "After coaching for 4-5 hours at a time my feet were killing me, I had to sit in the car and rub them before driving. After 2 weeks of taking BioGenesis, I had no more pain, I was thinking of cutting down on my hours before GYV, now coaching and playing pain free is amazing! I sleep better and workout harder! I feel 20 years younger!"

    • Using BioGenesis for 18 months
    • Problem before using BioGenesis: Very sore feet

    Kyle Welch

    Year Racing Triathlon: 18
    • Age: 54
    • Profession: Sales Executive at GLOBALFOUNDRIES
    • Accolades:

    • Problem before using BioGenesis: Recovery
    • 2015 Ironman 70.3 Worldwide age group ranking #1
    • 2014 ITU Long Distance World Champion - Gold Medal
    • 2014 ITU Short Distance World Championship - Silver Medal
    • 2013 USA Triathlon Age Group Sprint NationAL Champion - Gold Medal
    • 2013 Olympic Distance Age Group National Champion - Bronze Medal
    • 2013 USA Triathlon Long Distance National Champion - Gold Medal
    • 2011 ITU Short Distance World Champion - Gold Medal
    • 2011 ITU Long Distance World Championship - Silver Medal
    • 2010 ITU Short Distance World Championship - Bronze Medal
    • 2010 Asia Pacific IM 70.3 Champion - Gold Medal
    • 2006 USA Triathlon Age Group Olympic Distance National Champion

    Erika Benavides

    Elite CrossFit Athlete
    • Age: 47
    • Elk Grove, CA

    "My experience with Biogenesis was complete skepticism at first. I started taking BioGenesis in preparation for the 2016 CrossFit Games. I took it as prescribed and had instantaneous results. When I tried to cycle off the product I couldn't believe how much it had actually done for me and helped me achieve. I had gained 10-15# PR's on all of my Olympic lifts and was able to return to gym day after day, virtually pain free and full of energy. I needed no extra therapy while competing at CrossFit games and entered without injury and complete confidence that I would remain that way. BioGenesis has helped me remain relevant in an atmosphere of elite athletes even as my age advances. I feel great and believe I can keep progressing and continue to get stronger."

    • 2016 CrossFit Games Competitor; 8th place in the World 45-49 year old Women
    • 2016 CrossFit Fittest Firefighter in the World 45-49 year old Women
    • 2015 CrossFit Games Competitor; 8th place in the World 45-49 year old Women
    • 2015 CrossFit Opens 1st place Nor-Cal division

    Pete Kain

    Coach and 8 time World and National Champion Triathlon
    • Age: 53

    • Eight-Time National Triathlon - Age Group Champion
    • Four-Time World Age Group ITU Triathlon Champion/Eight-Time Medalist
    • Three-Time IM World Championship Finisher
    • Two-Time USAT "Triathlete of the year" -Honorable Mention
    • 2002 USAT "Triathlete of the year"

    Yvonne Bastian

    48, Personal Fitness Trainer, Los Gatos, CA Fueled By Bio Genesis since 2013

    "Working as a Personal Fitness Trainer while taining full-time for your IFBB Pro Card is no easy task. I used to do legs only once a weak but on Biogenesis I was able to hit my legs on a Monday and work them again on Friday. My bodybuilder friends would call me crazy untill they decided try it. A wonder supplement that is clean sport certified tested and proven by top Athlete across the world. I love my Biogenesis!"

    • 16x NPC Champion
    • IFBB Pro

    Bethany Roots

    "Any athlete, regardless of their sport, should try BioGenesis. For me, BioGenesis took my training to another level and I'm sure it will get you there too."

    • 2015 British Championships Qualifier
    • 2016 Elite Rocket Division Rainhill Trials Finalist
    • 2015 Wild West Competitor
    • 2015 Tribal Clash Competitor
    • 2015 European Inferno Competitor

    Craig Punton

    2 Time Winner of the Elite Rocket Division at the Rainhill Trials

    “I really enjoy the benefits of the Biogenesis, I just feel so much better.”

    • 2014 Thorium Throwdown Champion
    • 2013 & 2014 Qualifier for the Battle of London
    • 2015 Athlete Games Qualifier
    • 2015 British Championships Qualifier
    • 2016 Scottish Functional Fitness Championships
    • Winner with Liam Holborn

    Rhian Pearson

    CrosFit Athlete
    • Age: 35
    • Country: England
    • Box: CrosFit WestMids
    • 5th Place Master at the Athens Throwdown

    "Before using BioGenesis I always suffered from bad DOMs in my quads, especially after a hard training session or competition and would feel very drained and tired. Since taking BioGenesis my resting heart rate has dropped, I recover quicker and have more energy meaning I can keep training hard and for longer even after competing."

      Holly Roderick

      CrossFit Athlete & Weightlifter at CrossFit SA1
      • Age: 24
      • Country: West Wales
      • Sport: CrossFit Athlete & Weightlifter
      • Box: Crosfit SA1

      "After only 2 weeks of using BioGenesis I noticed an improved level and speed of recovery with very limited DOMs, allowing me to hard at 100% again the next day. Also felt improved levels of energy throughout a full day in work and then for training in the evening."

      • 3rd Place at the Battle of Britain
      • Part of the winning Team Spartan Fit at the Bodypower Games

      Sam Parkin

      CrossFit Athlete & Bouldering
      • Age: 24
      • City: Pontefract
      • Sport: CrossFit Athlete & Bouldering
      • Box: His Garage!

      "After just one week I started to feel the benefits, in recovery and energy in a workout! I would highly recommend the product and it is perfect for someone like me who can only train on an evening!"

      • Winner of scale the Heights
      • Athletes Games Competitor
      • British Championships Competitor
      • 5th Place at the Battle of Britain
      • Part of the 4th Place 'Team X-Men' at the Bodypower Games

      Rob Walker

      Master CrossFit & Olympic Weightlifting
      • Age: 40
      • Country: United Kingdom (Wales)
      • Sport: Masters CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting
      • Athlete
      • Box: CrossFit Oswestry

      "I am very scientific with my approach to supplementation. Not only does the science have to make sense, but the effects need to be trialed and measured for continued use. After a month of use and an initial test, I have improved my 1km rowing time by 8 seconds to 3:08. As a shorter Masters Athlete (174cm), I am particularly proud of this time. Especially when this was achieved as part of a WOD during a competitive event."

      • 1st Place Master at the Welsh Throwdown
      • 1st Place UK 40 - 44 year old in the CrossFit Open
      • 1st Place Battle of Britain
      • 1st Place Bodypower Games


      CrossFit Athlete
      • Age: 35
      • Town: Berwick Upon Tweed, UK
      • Box: Tweed CrossFit

      "I have always trained two or three time a day but since taking Proanox BioGenesis I can now hit all my sessions with the same intensity and recover far better between them."

      • Winner of the Scottish Functional Fitness Championships
      • Winner of the Glacier Games
      • 8th Place in the UK CrossFit Open
      • Athlete Games Competitor
      • British Championship Competitor

      Kate McCall

      CrossFit Athlete
      • Age: 27
      • City: Derby
      • Box: CrossFit Derby

      “I’m excited to try out this product, I am a little bit sketchy about taking certain supplements but BioGenesis it is completely natural so looking forward to the benefits of adding this into my diet, particularly to aid my recovery."

      • 2016 Meridian Regionals Individual Competitor
      • 2nd Place 2016 Battle of Britain
      • 2nd Place Team at the Wild West Winter Slam

      Laura Cullen

      CrossFit Athlete
      • Age: 28
      • Country: Northern Ireland
      • Sport: CrossFit Athlete
      • Box: CrossFit 8020

      "I started taking BioGenesis during this year's CrossFit Open season. Within the first week of taking the supplement I noticed that my body was recovering faster than usual and as a result my overall performance improved. During a time when I should have been feeling sore and tired I actually started to feel reduced doms and had way more energy, this enabled me to stay strong both physically and mentally throughout the 5 week competition period. Put simply...It works!!"

      • 2016 meridian Regionals Competitor with Team 8020 Black.
      • Part of 'The Filthy150' winning team

      Vanessa Damoulis PhD.

      Olympic Weightlifter
      • Age: 30
      • Jupiter, Florida

      "Starting a BioGenesis regimen has been a game changer for my training. As a PhD scientist, with a strong background and understanding of molecular and cell biology, I can confidently say that this product gives every cell in your body the tools to efficiently function at optimum levels. Energy is peaked, inflammation and stressors are kept at bay, and the cellular powerhouses are firing on all cylinders. This blend of ingredients has allowed me to trained harder, push my strength boundaries, and keeps me recovering faster to do it all again the next day. I would be lost in a constant state of muscle fatigue without it!"

      • 2015 Florida State Champion - 75 kg Class