Anne Warner Cribbs


Olymipic Gold Medalist - 4 x 100m medley relay

Palo Alto, CA



Pan American Games Gold Medal - 200m Breaststroke

San Jose Sports Hall of Fame

Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame

USOC Torch Award 2015

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Nichole Root

CrossFit Spartan

Elite Obstacle Course Racer, Runner, CrossFit Athlete

Age: 37

Auburn, CA

 5 Podium Finishes

2nd Year Spartan World Championship Coin Holder

Human Octane Pro Team

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Scott Alberi


  • Age: 48
  • City, State: Santa Cruz, CA
  • CrossFit West Gym Owner
  • Using BioGenesis for 4 years

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Cat Zingano

Mixed Martial Arts


  • 1st woman to win a UFC fight by technical knockout 
  • 1st woman to win a UFC “Fight of the Night” award
  • Abu Dhabi ADCC Competition Qualifier
BJJ Mundials World Champion - LA 
  • BJJ Rio de Janeiro State Champion - Brazil 
  • 2-time All-American Wrestler

  • 2-time Wrestling National Champion 

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Cung Le

Mixed Martial Arts

  • Age: 43
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Using BioGenesis for 6 months
  • Problem before using BioGenesis: Endurance

    “I recommend BioGenesis to all my fans around the world. It’s so rare that you find a clean product that not only gives you long term strength and endurance gains but also leaves you ready to hit the gym harder the next day with no muscle soreness. You guys need to get on this stuff!”

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    Kyle Welch

    Cycling Swimming Triathlon

    Years Racing Triathlon: 18

    Age: 54

    Profession: Sales Executive at GLOBALFOUNDRIES

    • 2015 Ironman 70.3 worldwide age group ranking #1
    • 2014 ITU Long Distance World Champion - gold medal
    • 2014 ITU Short Distance World Championship - silver medal
    • 2013 USA Triathlon Age Group Sprint National Champion - gold medal
    • 2013 Olympic Distance Age Group National Champion - bronze medal
    • 2013 USA Triathlon Long Distance National Champion - gold medal
    • 2011 ITU Short Distance World Champion - gold medal
    • 2011 ITU Long Distance World Championship - silver medal
    • 2010 ITU Short Distance World Championship - bronze medal
    • 2010 Asia Paci c IM 70.3 Champion - gold medal
    • 2006 USA Triathlon Age Group Olympic Distance National Champion

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    Mish Chadwick


    Slalom Waterskier and Elite Distance Runner

    Age 42

     Been taking Biogenesis for 12 months


    “I’m the healthiest, leanest and fittest I’ve been in my life right now. I train hard, recover fast and have endless amounts of energy to burn day after day. Some people say they get exhausted just watching me and ask what I’m taking?  BioGenesis is the answer.”

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    Dave Gold


    • Age: 60
    • City, State: San Jose, CA
    • Using BioGenesis for 18 months
    • Problem before using BioGenesis: very sore feet

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    Pete Kain

    Swimming Triathlon

    Coach and 8 time World and National Champion Triathlete

    Age: 53 

    • Eight-Time National Triathlon - Age Group Champion
    • Four-Time World Age Group ITU Triathlon Champion/Eight-Time Medalist
    • Three-Time IM World Championship Finisher

    • Two-Time USAT “Triathlete of the Year” – Honorable Mention

    • 2002 USAT “Triathlete of the Year”


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      Shelly Olds


      Pro Cyclist and Olympian

      • Age: 35
      • Gilroy, CA
      • Using BioGenesis for 4 years
      • Problem before using BioGenesis: I was often sick from traveling and training so hard. I’d get sick about 4-6 times a year. I wanted to be more healthy and be able to recover from training and races faster.

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