The world of nutrition has changed—diet alone is no longer enough to stay ahead of the man-made and environmental changes we face because the very foods we eat are also at risk. Proanox is a cutting edge company based in Silicon Valley which is committed to helping individuals, groups and communities realize the healthiest life possible…with the support of a team of scientists and business experts. We are different because we back our product with legitimate science from universities around the world.

Our flagship product, BioGenesis, has improved the health and wellness of thousands of people worldwide over the past 4 years. Carefully formulated from academic scientific research, our products compensate for the lack of phytonutrients in our diet as a result of our daily activities.  BioGenesis is a BSCG Certified Drug Free product that exceeds WADA requirements.

BioGenesis is a testimonial to our core commitment to produce exceptional, science based products and services to positively impact the world around us.