See a testimonial video from a few of our athletes:


Mixed Martial Arts

Cung Le

MMA Athlete, Actor

  • Age: 43
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Using BioGenesis for 6 months
  • Problem before using BioGenesis: Endurance

    “I recommend BioGenesis to all my fans around the world. It’s so rare that you find a clean product that not only gives you long term strength and endurance gains but also leaves you ready to hit the gym harder the next day with no muscle soreness. You guys need to get on this stuff!”



    Cat Zingano

    UFC Fighter, 9-2

    San Diego, CA 

    • 1st woman to win a UFC fight by technical knockout 
    • 1st woman to win a UFC “Fight of the Night” award
    • Abu Dhabi ADCC Competition Qualifier
BJJ Mundials World Champion - LA 
    • BJJ Rio de Janeiro State Champion - Brazil 
    • 2-time All-American Wrestler

    • 2-time Wrestling National Champion 






    Shelley Olds

    Pro Cyclist and Olympian

    Shelley Old BioGenesis

    • Age: 35
    • Gilroy, CA
    • Using BioGenesis for 4 years
    • Problem before using BioGenesis: I was often sick from traveling and training so hard. I’d get sick about 4-6 times a year. I wanted to be more healthy and be able to recover from training and races faster.

        “BioGenesis is a clean sport certified product that I have been using for several years as a professional athlete. Since starting with BioGenesis I have maintained better overall health and have seen improvements in my ability to train longer and harder.”


        Shari Kain

        Mom, Pro Cyclist and Coach

        Shari Kain BioGenesis
                • Age: 50
                • Scotts Valley, CA
                • Using BioGenesis for 2 years
                • Problem before using BioGenesis: wanted to relieve pain and feel what all my teammates were feeling. I was in pain from training and constantly tired.

          “I’m a mother of 2 and a cyclist and coach. I started taking GYV and over a few weeks I started noticing that I wasn’t as tired anymore and my aches and pains are gone and I no longer have to take Advil. My energy is up and I recommend GYV because it works, it’s safe, proven and tested!”




          Scott Alberi

          Cross Fit Master

          Scott Alberi BioGenesis

          • Age: 48
          • Santa Cruz, CA
          • CrossFit West Gym Owner
          • Using BioGenesis for 4 years

          “I have been taking BioGenesis consistently now for over 4 years. I don't get sore, I recover fast,  my energy and endurance is at a high level for me, my immune system is also noticeably stronger and I sleep great.  I also handle stress better.  How do I know all this? Because when I go off BioGenesis, all these benefits go away.”



          Tami Ball

          CrossFit Master

          Tami Ball BioGenesis
          • Age: 53
          • Santa Cruz, CA
          • Has used BioGenesis for 1 year
          • Problem before BioGenesis: Fatigue and slow recovery.

          “Before Biogenesis I found I could not train at the volume I needed due to fatigue and poor recovery. After 30 days on Biogenesis I saw a huge improvement in my ability to recover. I can train hard volume 6 days a week with little soreness.  I got 11th at Nor Cal Masters and now sit 139 in the world CrossFit Ranking.  Last year I was 550th.”


          Water Polo

          Merrill Moses

          37, 2 time Olympic Water Polo Player

          Oldest Water Polo Player in the 2016 Rio Games

          Merrill Moses BioGenesis

          “My aches and pains are gone, I recover faster and don't need Ibuprofen anymore. My energy level is like it was in my 20's"




          Tony Azevedo

          34, 5 time Olympian Water Polo player

          Tony Azevedo BioGenesis

          "I've been taking BioGenesis consistently since the London Olympics in 2012. I have less sick days, more energy, more endurance and experience better recovery."




          Anne Cribbs

          Olympic Gold Medal 1960 Swimming

          Anne Cribbs BioGenesis

          "I have reduced pain from arthritis issues, swimming longer with less pain, more energy, better health."